Former Wood-Mode employees hoping to return to work


KREAMER – Hope is in the air for former Wood-Mode employees after hearing news a Middleburg businessman is working to complete a deal to purchase the company. A 26-year employee of Wood-Mode, Brian Wilson from the Kreamer area, says everyone wants to comeback, even people who already found other work, “There’s a lot of employees that have actually found new jobs, and I think some of them will stay with them, but I know a lot of them want to come back, and I know a lot of employees were hoping someone would buy it and take it over, but didn’t know how long it would actually take. We still don’t know exactly how long it will take until he signs the papers and then they figure it all out. He’s only going to hire some back at a time.”

We told you last week, Bill French, owner of Professional Building Systems, signed a letter of intent to buy the assets of Wood-Mode and start his own cabinet manufacturing company. French last told us hiring 200 workers would be a benchmark in the months ahead and up to 500 workers is a level that could be achieved.

Former 43-year employee Keith Lauver says there was some skepticism, “They were a little disappointed because they thought we were going to have a new beginning, but after thinking about it and realizing that there’s going to be a number of short-term challenges, that they’re going to need somebody that knows the process. So I think it is very positive right now.”

Former employees tell us two of their former co-workers are now part of French’s management team working on the purchase deal. Wilson says it’s been a hard two months for him, especially since he lives close to the former company in Kreamer, “That’s what’s so hard. It’s hard to go by everyday and you see that its empty and you know all the material that sits in there. It just looks like everything’s vanished.”


French tells us the purchase price is not being disclosed. There is still no timeline as to when a deal could be finalized.

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