Former Sunbury Police Chief Draws ‘House Arrest’ Term

SUNBURY – is reporting… The former Sunbury police chief draws a house arrest term for theft.  The report says the former chief Brad Hare was sentenced to nine months of house arrest for stealing from a local fire company last year.  Hare tearfully addressed the crowd of family, friends, and supporters gathered in the courtroom Tuesday, saying, “ I hope someday you can forgive me.”

The arrest, which came in October after investigators discovered Hare had stolen nearly $7,000 from the Americus Hose Company, where he was a longtime member.  Hare admitted he was ‘rock bottom’ and said the theft was the culmination of a decade of alcohol addiction, crippling stress, and his inability to ask for help.

Since his arrest, Hare has gone through in-patient treatment and attended more than Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, according to his attorney Edward Greco. Judge Harold Woelfel Jr., who presided over the case, made a surprising admission of his own during the proceedings, telling Hare he had also sought treatment for alcoholism.

Woelfel acknowledged Hare had broken the public’s trust and the oath he had taken to uphold the laws and constitution of the state.

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