Evangelical Radiologist: Why Mammograms, Even Call Backs, Aren’t That Bad

LEWISBURG – Going for a mammogram can be an anxious experience for some women.

But Evangelical Community Hospital Radiologist Dr. Kenneth Jusko says the procedure actually isn’t that bad, “Everybody is a little different with their pain threshold, but there is some compression, and most women do very, very well with this and it’s not a huge concern.”

Dr. Jusko says 5-10% of screening mammograms will get a call back for further testing, but even that process isn’t as bad as most women may think, “Of those cases that we call back, only about 10-15% of those go on to be biopsied. So it’s a small percentage and the odds are in your favor when you get called back.”

Officials at the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health say women should start going for mammograms by age 40, but some women may have to start as early as age 30 or 35, depending on family history. All women should consult their doctor about when is the right time to get a mammogram.

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