Evan: Women Can Make Health a Priority Year-Round

LEWISBURG – As we wrap up this year’s Paint The Valley Pink, we talked to a health care professional who said it’s not just breast health, but overall women’s health that should be an important priority year-round.

Evangelical Community Hospital OB/GYN Physician’s Assistant Morgan Curtis says women need to do more than just schedule their yearly mammogram, “We start screening pap smears at age 21so that’s the screening for cervical cancer, colonoscopy screening which is now 45, it used to be 50.”

“Skin screening is another important thing to remember too. If somebody has a family history of skin cancer, then I think it’s important somebody is checking them on a regular basis as well,” she said.

Curtis says this list also includes osteoporosis screenings for bone health after menopause.

She says the best way to keep up with all this is to have a good relationship with your primary care and women’s health care providers. She says that goes beyond knowing your family history, “Also making sure they understand your personal history as well. If you notice anything different at home, being aware of your own body, and if something is changing, making sure you’re bringing that to their attention.”

Curtis says patients can make appointments for in-person visits, or can keep up in touch on Evangelical’s electronic patient portals.

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