Danville Area School District raising veterans awareness all year long

DANVILLE – The Danville Area School District is talking about veterans awareness all year long. The district recently started some  veterans related programs, including a Veteran’s Awareness Club. Dr. Ricki Boyle is the district’s acting Superintendent, “That was approved in the September board meeting. It was a young man…Blake wanted to have this club because do not have a JROTC in the Danville School District. So this club was organized to raise awareness of the local veterans, and to establish a connection between them and the student body.”


The club also encourages students to think about entering the military.


Dr. Boyle says high school students also read the book, “Night,” and talk about our veteran’s role in World War II, “That involves our veterans as they were the ones who went in and actually freed the Jewish and the other Holocaust survivors. We are very aware of what the veterans have done to keep this country free.”


Dr. Boyle says a veterans assembly was also recently held at the Danville Middle School, inviting various veterans to speak to students. Dr. Boyle says it’s also not uncommon for teachers in the district to invite veterans in to speak to classes throughout the year.


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