Update: Danville Area Community Center Capital Campaign Update

DANVILLE – The Danville Area Community Center got a Capital Campaign and renovation project update this week. Harry Mathias, consultant for the DACC, talked about the work starting soon in the locker rooms, “What we’re proposing is, use the cash that you have donated and do the locker room work right now.  We think it’ll cost about $500,000, and we will use our capital campaign money to do it.”

Mathias said there is a dynamic interplay between available funding, hoped-for contributions, and the pressing need for renovations. He said the fundraising is a three-year process, and the more than three million dollars in construction is probably on a three-year timeframe…but if things go well, “When we were all done, we would have our debt service and the interest paid off. When they would do their budget, there would be no loans. No debt. So, they would be starting in the brand-new facility, totally paid for, no debt.”

He talked about the addition of a childcare/pre-school, replacing pool filters and HVAC,  ‘Danville’s Living Room’ (a more comfortable seating area, the ‘DACC Helping Our Neighbors’ program where a CSO concierge spends time at the DACC answering questions and helping people find services.  You can see DACC’s full presentation on their Facebook page.

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