County DA Offering Advice to Avoid Holiday Scams 

SUNBURY – The Northumberland County District Attorney’s Office is offering some advice to avoid scams this holiday season.
DA Tony Matulewicz says when shopping, keep your purse/wallet with you and close to your body at all times, and be aware of ‘distraction thefts.’ The DA says you should also avoid using public WiFi systems.
The DA says if you receive an email or text message offering a shopping discount, refund or other reward, don’t click on any links until you can confirm the offer. You should also watch out for emails poorly worded or misspelled.
When it comes to gift cards, the DA says anyone asking you to pay a fee, fine, or unpaid bill with a gift card and is threatening you is scamming you.
When ordering items online shipped to your home, make a plan to have the item shipped to a secure location – thefts from porches or at the end of driveways rise sharply during the holiday season.
The DA says residents should also be aware of holiday job scams that offer high wages, but will be asked to pay upfront fees for training or the application process. Charity scams also increase during the holidays, and you should pay attention to how you are being asked to pay.
Finally, the DA says residents should be alert for the presence of credit card skimmers – devices installed over or within a legitimate card reader commonly found on ATM machines, gas pumps and other points of sale.


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