Community Giving Foundation Helping Following Storm Damage

BERWICK – WBRE is reporting…  Two local organizations are teaming up to help their community in its time of need. Community Giving Foundation President and CEO Kara Seesholtz said they wanted to do something to help after the recent storm damage.

The foundation and the Berwick United Way got together and provided a free hot meal to storm victims and those who helped dig out of the mess. They said coming together in a time of need is what Berwick is all about.  Organizers said the message is, we are all in this together. And that’s what people in Berwick heard loud and clear Sunday.

Seesholtz said, “After what they went through after the storms, there were a lot of people who helped out, volunteered, people without power who lost a lot during that time so we just thought having a community meal today to give back and do what we can was the right thing to do.”


You could pick up to-go meals or you could dine in and enjoy it family style.  All the food was donated by the Maria Assunta society, and on the menu. Organizers say they could’ve helped in many other ways but chose food because it’s the best way to bring people together.

“They’re famous homemade meatballs and pasta, salad and rolls so that’s the food for today. There are 400 meals prepared and ready to go whether they’re eating in or taking home,” Seesholtz said.

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