CBS Legal Analyst: Trump Indictment Case ‘Weak’

NEW YORK – CBS News Legal Analyst Thane Rosenbaum has eye-opening vote of ‘no confidence’ in New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Donald Trump.

On WKOK’s On The Mark Thursday, Rosenbaum says the New York DA has a ‘weak’ case, and actually had better cases to prosecute against the former president, “Why bring the porn star case? It’s stale. It’s old. It’s a misdemeanor. It has a statute of limitations attached to it that requires a boot strapping of a legal theory that’s been untested. Why are you doing this? It’s gonna blow up in your face.”

Rosenbaum adds Bragg has to find federal charges against Trump to justifiably indict him, and the falsification of business record charge is not even the right characterization.

Rosenbaum says we’re still waiting for a possible indictment for a few reasons, one is damage control following a FOX News appearance by the attorney for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, “It’s possible that some of the jurors went, ‘What?! You withheld information from us?’ Michael Cohen’s attorney came in with boxes of stuff for us to look at and you didn’t want us to see it because you didn’t want us to change our mind?’”

Rosenbaum says Democrats in Washington may be trying to even prevent Bragg from indicting the former president, “(They’re asking) What are you doing? You are going to singularly reelect President Trump. Stop it. It’s gonna galvanize Donald Trump’s core supporters. You are going to go down in history as the guy who brought a weak case that only proved Donald Trump’s point that he’s being persecuted.”

Rosenbaum also says Bragg is simply trying to fulfill a campaign promise to charge Trump. You can hear more analysis from the CBS News Legal Analyst on the Podcast Page or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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