Bucknell Hosts Forum Featuring Goerge Will


LEWISBURG – Bucknell University held a forum for bucknell students on Tuesday

featuring 1977 Pulitzer Prize winner, American Journalist, and Network Commentator George



Will’s speech covers the idea of “Freedom of Expression.” He told WKOK why he wanted to

talk about the topic in his speech, “I’d rather talk about the case for free expression,

and how we got to a point where freedom of expression is a problem. How did we get to a place

where young people go to college obsessed with their own fragility. It’s a phenomenon and it’s



WKOK also asked Will what the state of the Republican party is at, heading into the Republican

Presidential Primary. Will said, “Where gonna try and find that out that’s why we’re gonna have this presidential contest. So far when you see the candidates have all been in now for four months,

Desantis got in May and Trump has largely been bulletproof, but you’d have to say it’s Trump’s

party right now and just for republicans that’s risky.”


When asked if there was a better republican presidential candidate Will said, “Yes of course there are.  Christie… I’ve known Christie he’d be fine. The Governor of North Dakota, a very interesting man. Desantis… not my cup of tea, compared to the alternative he’s just fine.”

Voting for the Republican Presidential Primary starts in March of 2024.

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