Bucknell announces travel restrictions during the pandemic

LEWISBURG – Bucknell University students are being asked to remain on or near campus during the pandemic. In an email to students, faculty, and staff, Bucknell Dean of Students Amy Badal says students cannot leave campus, even for quick trips to visit friends at nearby universities, such as Penn State, where there is a deep resurgence of COVID-19.

Badal says students can only leave the area if they have extenuating circumstances and have notified Badal in advance of their trip. On-campus students allowed to leave will have to quarantine about eight days upon return in off-campus University isolation until they get a negative virus test. Off-campus students will quarantine upon their return in their home. Returning students in quarantine cannot attend classes in person as well.

Badal says students who are found to have traveled without permission and completing quarantine and testing will be required to leave campus and finish the semester remotely.

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