Breast Cancer Survivor Now Nurse, Patient Navigator at Evangelical

LEWISBURG – Tiffany Delp once received the call no woman wants to hear, and now, she’s helping other women navigate their breast cancer journey.

Delp is now a patient navigator and nurse at the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health at Evangelical Community Hospital.

A few years ago at the age of 40, Delp says she was at a routine physical when her doctor recommended a mammogram, “I went and had my very first mammogram, and they saw something on it. They referred me to see Dr. (John) Turner (Breast Surgeon at Evangelical Community Hospital) from there, and after a biopsy, Michele, my navigator, called and told me I had breast cancer.”

On the other side of that call was Michele Heimbach, a current patient navigator, who guided Delp through the process, “I was absolutely devastated, sobbing. She was so calm. She went over the facts with me. I was still terrified, but I felt so much better, just having somebody who had so much knowledge, so much passion about helping patients that it was an incredible conversation and now we have an incredible relationship.”

Now as a survivor, Delp is now a part of the team at the Thyra M. Humphreys Center as a nurse and Heimbach also trained her as a patient navigator, “The nurse at the breast center left and this opportunity became available. I was like, ‘this is the reason I went through this.  This is why I survived. I was meant to work at the breast cancer center so I can help other women through this.””

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