Acting Secretary of State Orders Recount of GOP US Senate Race

HARRISBURG — Acting Secretary of State Leigh M. Chapman has officially issued a recount of the Pennsylvania GOP U.S. Senate Primary race. Chapman says Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick, the first- and second-place finishers respectively, have vote totals within the one-half of one percent margin that triggers a mandatory recount under state law.

As of today, the unofficial returns for the U.S. Senate race submitted by all 67 counties show the following results:

Mehmet C. Oz – 419,365 (31.21%)
David H. McCormick – 418,463 (31.14%)

She says counties may begin their recount as early as Friday but must begin no later than June 1. They must complete the recount by noon on June 7, and they must submit the recount results to the Department of State by noon on June 8.

The department estimates the recount cost will exceed $1 million of taxpayer funds.

This is the seventh time the automatic recount provision has been triggered since the passage of Act 97 of 2004, with three recounts carried out and three recounts waived by the second-place finisher. In all three cases in which the recount was carried out, the initial results of the election were affirmed.

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