US Senator Bob Casey Visit DACC, Disses Sen. Menendez

DANVILLE – US Senator Bob Casey was in our region Monday…first he was at the Bloomsburg Fair, then he visited the Danville Area Community Center. After a rainy visit to the fair, Sen. Casey toured the Danville facility and heard about their upcoming renovation project. Sen. Casey promised staff support and said there are some existing funding sources which could help the center.

Harry Mathias, former Central Columbia School District superintendent, who is a consultant for the Danville Area Community Center told the senator, he’s heard a lot of supporters call for the center to offer more childcare opportunities. Sen. Casey said he is hearing that region wide and and he knows the lack of childcare slots is hampering economic growth.


PHILADELPHIA – CBS is reporting… US Senator Bob Casey joined the roster of Senate Democrats calling on the resignation of New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who is facing an indictment on federal bribery charges. Tuesday, Casey, (D-Pa.), released a statement calling for Menendez to step down. Casey accused the senator of violating the public’s trust and demanded a higher standard of conduct.

He said, “Public service is a sacred trust. The specific allegations set forth in the federal indictment indicate to me that Senator Menendez violated that trust repeatedly.” Casey said, while Menendez is entitled to the presumption of innocence, serving in public office is a privilege that demands a higher standard of conduct, so Senator Casey said Senator Menendez should resign..





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