Analyst: Biden Plea Deal Shows Two-Tier Legal System


Hunter Biden Plea Deal is ‘Tier Standard of Justice’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The US Justice system is broken…CBS News Legal Analyst Thane Rosenbaum is calling the recent Hunter Biden plea deal a demonstration of the ‘two-tier standard of justice.’

Rosenbaum told this to WKOK’s On The Mark Thursday and says there’s also a bigger question, “The justice department seems to have very little curiosity about other criminal wrongdoing that  is suggested by this failure to pay taxes. It’s one thing to not pay taxes. It’s another thing not to ask the question, ‘How’d you get the money?’ That’s what people really want to know. How’d he get the money and for what?”

As part of the plea deal, Hunter Biden received no prison time and the gun charge against him can be completely expunged if it doesn’t commit a crime in the next to years.

Rosenbaum says Hunter Biden still isn’t completely off the hook, despite the justice department not having much of an appetite to go after the Biden family, “The special counsel was also assigned to Joe Biden’s documents (case).”

“He’s disappeared. Jack Schmidt, the prosecutor who was assigned to the Donald Trump documents (case), everyone knows who he is. So that’s when Donald Trump uses the words ‘weaponizing the justice department,’” he said.

You can hear more analysis from CBS News Legal Analyst Thane Rosenbaum on the Podcast Page or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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