CBS’ Portnoy: We Don’t Know What’s in Pres. Trump Indictment

CBS’ Portnoy: We Don’t Know What’s in Pres. Trump Indictment

SUNBURY –Most of the opinions you’re hearing about the indictment of former Pres. Donald Trump are ‘uninformed…’ So said CBS’s Steven Portnoy at the time of the WKOK’s On The Mark program Friday: “Well I don’t know the specifics, nobody does, because the indictment remains under seal, it’s possible it could be unsealed before Tuesday’s hearing, but the former President is due in a Miami federal courtroom at 3 pm. on Tuesday and he’ll stand for the initial appearance as the charges are read in open court.”

Portnoy says the indictment will lay out the specifics and we’ll see that Tuesday. As for indictment and the case emanating from Florida, he says that may be to diffuse the argument of Pres. Trump facing an unfair trial in Washington, where juries tend to favor democrats.

As for the US Justice Department playing politics: “Look, that’s the argument he’s going to make to the public. I think in a court of law, the question becomes what are the charges, are they legitimate, do they stand up, can they be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Asked how it will affect Trump’s reputation, he said so far there is not impact, and most republicans are saying this is an unfair arrest. As for whether Trump tends to make his legal defenses more difficult, Portnoy’ said that is true…the former president does make it harder for his attornies.

Regardless, CBS’ Portnoy said, it was improper to keep the files from the White House, but the question is, ‘is it that serious, “In turning over so many of the documents that he did turn over prior to the raid, there’s an understanding that he admitted himself that there was material in his possession that he should not have, and so once you say that, you know, there may have been some sort of error in your own judgment…”

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