NACE on Financial Friday: Students Today Want to Work


Students Eager to Work and Improve

BETHLEHEM, PA – It turns out graduating students today not only want to work, but they are motivated.

That’s the latest analysis from Dr. Josh Cohn, Associate Director of Research and Public Policy at the National Association of Colleges and Employers, “In 2018, only 1.5% of students were not seeking a job or graduate school, and now, we’re at 1.1%. So that number of students who don’t wanna work is actually decreasing.”

Dr. Cohn says the Class of 2023 is entering into a very strong work force as well, with huge hiring rates of graduates hired the last two years.

According to NACE’s recent student survey, Dr. Cohn says students are more interested in developing their skills than the perks of jobs, “Students want job security. Given the chaos of today’s world, that’s totally understandable. They want to improve their job-specific skills, and they want to improve their applied skills that can be transferred across different jobs. The high starting salary comes in ninth.”

He says demands for internships have also increased.

But Dr. Cohn says today’s graduates are still showing more interest in hybrid jobs, “There is a very strong expectation that recent college graduates will be able to do some of their work remotely and this sort of tension is a new challenge for employers to work through.”

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