Danville Schools to Conduct Active Shooter Drill with First Responders


First Responders, Danville Schools to Hold Active Shooter Drill

DANVILLE – The hope is, it is training they’ll never need, but first responders in Montour County are teaming up with Danville Area School District to conduct an active shooter drill soon. It will take place Monday, June 12.

Deanna Force is the Public Information Officer for the Danville Fire Department, “The main idea for doing an active shooter drill is to coordinate all the different agencies across the county. That gives you the chance to work with EMS, fire, police, the sheriff’s department and just train so you know how to work together in case something like this happens.”

Force says volunteers are still needed, especially to play the roles of victims, “We’ll have the people who are the victims gather at a location and then they’ll get put in their spots, and then everyone will be set in to find them and then afterwards, we’ll critique it and see where we can improve.”

Force says anyone interested in volunteering should send a message to the Danville Fire Department or Montour County Fire Wire Facebook pages as soon as possible.


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