PA House GOP Launches ‘Keystone Commitment’ for Economy, Families

HARRISBURG – AP is reporting… Rep. Bryan Cutler, the State House minority leader says Republicans introduced their priorities and gave it a snappy name, “The platform that we are unveiling here today, is called the Keystone Commitment and it focuses on boosting the economy, affordable and safe communities, and family-focused education…Governor Shapiro said that he is tired of losing opportunity to other states and that Pennsylvania must do more and be more competitive. We absolutely agree,” Cutler said.  Republicans lost their majority and seem tired, after just a few weeks, of Democrats controlling the agenda.  “To be quite blunt, they were in control the chamber for the last 12 years, not only in control of the House, but in control of the Senate,” said Rep. Ryan Pisciottano (D-Allegheny County).”So they’ve had plenty of time to implement their priorities.”

And Democrats, with their brand new majority, aren’t apologizing for their priorities.  “Every bill that passed this week — whether to defend workers’ rights, to improve the railroads, most importantly, the fairness act — have been bipartisan and with very little talking on our part, and a lot of talking on the Republican side,” said Rep. Danilo Burgos (D-Philadelphia).  There’s an old political proverb: The minority gets its say. The majority gets its way.  Pennsylvania House Republicans certainly want to vent.  “When the government picks winners and losers, we all know that eventually everyone loses. Ultimately, the Democrats are not finding ways to improve the Commonwealth, they’re more focused on spending money we don’t have,” said Rep. Seth Grove (R-York County).

“The Keystone Commitment is not just a pledge for today but is something to build upon to secure a better tomorrow. And the work of implementing it must start now,” said Rep. Josh Kail (R-Beaver, Washington Counties).  Now, all eyes are on Delaware County, where a special election in two weeks for a state house seat will determine whether or not Republicans will regain control of the State House.

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