Inaugural Exhibit of New Milton Municipal Museum Opens Friday


New Milton Museum, Inaugural Exhibit Opens Friday

MILTON – A new place to explore Milton’s history is opening up this weekend. TIME, The Improved Milton Experience is opening the Milton Municipal Museum this Friday and Saturday.

Emma Downey volunteer with TIME, “The goal of this museum is to really showcase Milton’s history and make it a place for the community to come and learn about the history.”

The museum is located at 168 Front Street, which is the former Miltonian building, and the project has been a collaboration of TIME with Bucknell University Center of Sustainability and the Environment.

Bucknell’s Dr. Shaunna Barnhart says the museum will open its inaugural exhibit, ‘Planted in Place,’ “It takes the viewer through Milton’s changing history from about 1883 until 1913 through sandborn maps. So on the south wall, the whole wall is sandborn maps where you can walk though a few of the blocks downtown and you can see the changing businesses.”

There will be an opening reception Friday from 6-7:30 p.m., with light refreshments provided.

Then Saturday, the new exhibit will host an Earth Day Celebration from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., “We’ll have walking tours, one led by Professor Claire Campbell and one by Sean Reese, who is a watershed scientist who will be taking folks over to the island. Then we also have ‘Runaway Stroller’ playing, and we’ll have some free food and activities for kids.”

You can hear more about the new Milton Municipal Museum on the Podcast Page or wherever you listen to podcasts.



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