CSR 9-1-1’s New ‘Text to 911’ Implementation Going Well

CSR 9-1-1 Text to 911 System is Working Well

SUNBURY – The recently introduced ‘Text to 9-1-1’ system in Snyder and Union County is working well. It allows individuals to contact 9-1-1 by texting. According to Kevin Hood, a CSR Telecommunicator Supervisor,  “The text message you get back from us says you are being connected to CSR 911…please stand by for a dispatcher. Then I can start talking to you or whoever the dispatcher is; can type just like we’re typing on a keyboard and text back to you.”

This new system will allow people who are in a situation in which they are unable talk or call the ability to get into contact with a dispatcher, “It’s not widely used yet because it’s still so new; I have received I think 3 or 4 different text messages already just since both counties, both 9-1-1centers have implemented, we’ve seen an up kick in it.”

He says just like calling in, the dispatcher will be able to forward you to the fire or EMS department that is the closest to the texter’s location. If an area doesn’t have the text capabilities yet, the text will also be sent to a location that does have it.

You can hear more of this interview with Kevin Hood HERE, at WKOK.com or wherever you listen to podcasts.



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