Childcare Shortage Affecting Parents, Entire Valley Economy


Childcare Worker Shortage Creating Issues in Valley

LEWISBURG – The shortage of workers in childcare facilities across the Valley has not only affected parents, but is slowing the entire local economy as well.

At SUMMIT Early Learning, Executive Director Doug Bertanzetti says there’s been a ‘giant’ waiting list there, “Prior to March 2020, we were serving about 1,100 kids. Right now, our current enrollment is about 850. We could accommodate many of those people on the waiting list if we can get more teachers in our classrooms.”

On WKOK Sunrise recently, Bertanzetti said if parents can’t find a place for their children to go, they can’t work, “We got businesses, companies all over the Valley here that if they don’t have staff, it’s because they’re staying home with their children, because there’s no childcare or anyone to watch their kids. It’s a huge economic impact on the whole Valley.”

You can hear more about this topic and other happenings at SUMMIT Early Learning on the Podcast Page or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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