Dr. Oz Catching Up To Fetterman in Latest Fox News Survey

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) has a 4-point edge over Republican candidate Mehmet Oz in the state’s Senate race, according to a new Fox News survey.   The poll found 45 percent of registered Pennsylvania voters said they’d vote for Fetterman if the Senate election was held today, compared with 41 percent for Oz.    Eleven percent of voters answered they would choose another candidate, were undecided or would not vote. Three percent said they’d back independent candidate Everett Stern.  Fetterman’s lead has narrowed since a July poll from the network found the Democrat up 11 points, with 47 percent to Oz’s 36 percent.

Photo CBS News

Among those in the new poll who said they were certain to vote in November’s election, Fetterman led with 48 percent to Oz’s 44 percent.  A majority of Fetterman supporters, or 61 percent, said they felt enthusiastic about their chosen candidate — while just over a third, or 38 percent, of Oz’s supporters felt the same about the Republican.   Amid ongoing concerns about the Democrat’s health after he suffered a stroke shortly before his primary, 34 percent of voters in the poll said they were concerned Fetterman isn’t healthy enough to be the state’s senator, up from 23 percent who said the same in July.

On the other hand, 43 percent of voters said they were concerned TV personality Oz isn’t familiar enough with Pennsylvania in order to be senator — though the count is down from 52 percent in July. Oz, who previously resided in New Jersey, has faced criticism over whether he’s in touch with the constituents he’s vying to represent.    The new survey follows other recent polling that’s put Fetterman ahead of Oz by small margins as November’s midterm elections grow nearer.

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