Shamokin Students ‘Milling About’ Restricted at Kemp Memorial Stadium

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SHAMOKIN – Students at the Shamokin home football games like to walk the track during the game and mingle behind the stands, but they won’t be doing that any more this year. The district’s athletic department said students should stay in the bleachers and enjoy the game. They won’t be allowed to mill about the Kemp Memorial Stadium because of security and safety concerns.

The district isn’t elaborating, but observers say it is part of a policing and safety move, trying to prevent any fist fights that might break out and prevent any illegal activity. Some of those activities have happened in the recent past.

The athletic department posted a statement, “For the home football game (Friday) and the remaining home games students will be asked to please sit in the bleachers and enjoy the game. General walking around the stadium will not be permitted, only to use the restrooms and/or concession stands. The area behind the visitor’s bleachers will be blocked off and off limits to walking.”

Students, they say will only be able to go to the concession stand, and restrooms, at the Kemp Memorial Stadium home football games the rest of this year in Shamokin.

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