Students, Schools, CMSU, To Observe Suicide Prevention Month Tonight

File photo: Danville Students Preserving Mental Health spring 2022

DANVILLE – September is Suicide Prevention Month, and two student groups (one from Danville schools, and one from Southern Columbia School District) will drive home the message with information and activities Friday night at the Danville/Southern football game.

Danville’s Students Preserving Mental Health or SPM, and Southern’s SAVE Students Against Violence Everywhere, along with the school districts and the CMSU Drug and Alcohol agency will be busy.

They say they’ll have posters and banners, gifts and giveaways, a raffle, information tables, messages over the PA system and a moment of silence at halftime. Students and the public are encouraged to wear purple or teal clothing to mark the suicide prevention night at Danville football field Friday night.

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