Nick and Emily Gorski Family Aiding Families on the Margin

SUNBURY – Two people, one of whom is a new doctor to Lewisburg and the other founder of a non-profit organization, both have a passion to serve.

Nick and Emily Gorski of Lewisburg are a married couple who strive to help ‘families on the margin, “Emily’s actually my wife and we were attracted to each other because we were both interested in giving back to the community and both of us do it in our own ways.”

Dr. Nick Gorski is a new doctor to the UPMC primary care office in Lewisburg, he tells us he wants to help all families, but has an eye out for families in the ALICE category (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed).

He said he wants all local residents in all stages of life get the care they not only need, but the care they deserve, “I think making sure we don’t cut off certain people from healthcare is one of my goals and in family medicine we can do that, making sure that people have access to healthcare.”

Meantime, Emily’s DIG Furniture Bank, based in Mifflinburg, started in May of 2020 and is a non-profit organization. Their goal is to help families build a space that promises them safety, comfort, and restoration by giving them gently used donated furniture and household items.

The DIG Furniture Bank has run into a problem, “We have run out of space in our current location in Mifflinburg. So we are actively looking for a bigger warehouse space to house all of our donations and also invite clients in to shop.”  She says they could ideally use about 5,000 or 6,000 square feet.

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