US Senator Toomey on WKOK: Administration Way Off on Energy

WASHINGTON – Pat Toomey (R-US Sen, Pa.) may be leaving the US Senate soon, but he is ramping up the opposition to democratic President Joe Biden’s energy and inflation policies. Sen. Toomey held a news conference call Wednesday and told Pennsylvania reporters, the administrations so-called success at inflation reduction will only have a miniscule impact, and the climate initiative won’t help either.

Senator Toomey said the solution is using more of the state and nation’s natural gas, and piping it where it needs to be, “Given a rational government policy on things like permitting of pipelines and drilling for new sources of natural gas, the marketplace will naturally evolve more and more to natural gas. That will allow us to continue to reduce the CO2 emissions and technology is going to accelerate that process, if we allow it.”

Senator Toomey the Biden administration has a flawed energy that is pushing the US away from fossil fuels, “So, I think, strong economic growth, allowing a continuing transition to natural gas, that’s the direction that will give rise to the technology that will be the permanent solution to our climate problem.”

Toomey said the promised  energy and permitting bill from US Senator Joe Manchin (D-US Sen, WVa.) bill hasn’t been released, so that won’t help. He said western Pennsylvania’s Mon-Valley Pipeline is 90-95% complete but he said our absurd permitting process allows a small number of people to stop the progress.

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