Weekly COVID Update: Nearly 28,000 New Statewide Cases

HARRISBURG – In Pennsylvania, COVID-19 cases continued rising over the past week, and now hospitalizations are back up over 1,000.

These are weekly numbers from the state Department of Health reported Wednesday. They say there were 27,997 new daily cases were reported in the last week, that’s an average of about 4,000 cases per day. This brings the pandemic total to 2,877,660.

There were also 336 new Valley cases reported since last week, that’s an average of about 48 cases per day. 177 of those cases (25 daily, on average) were in Northumberland County. They’ve reached 23,349 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Union County had 68 new cases in the last week, that’s about nine per day and they’ve reached 11,910 cases. 49 cases were in Montour County (About seven per day), which now has 4,686 total cases. Snyder had 42 new cases with 8,191 total (about six per day).

Statewide hospitalizations continue rising, with the total number now up to 1,156, which is 249 more patients hospitalized in the last week.  135 of these patients are in an ICU and 64 are on ventilators.

Some local hospitalizations have also increased  – Geisinger Danville has 32 total – that’s two more patients in the last week, with 10 in the ICU and three on a ventilator. Geisinger Shamokin has three COVID patients with one in the ICU, and Evangelical Community Hospital has six total patients, which is three more patients hospitalized in the last week. Four are unvaccinated and two are vaccinated, with two in the ICU – one unvaccinated and one vaccinated.

At Bloomsburg University, there have been 180 total COVID cases during the spring semester which has now ended, 21 new cases were reported in the last week.

Bucknell University is reporting three active campus cases, all among faculty members, for a total of 431 so far this spring. The campus has a 94.9% vaccination rate. Bucknell’s spring semester ends with graduation this Sunday.

According to the latest data from the Department of Human Services, the Selinsgrove Center still has fewer than five new cases among those receiving services and fewer than five new cases among staff.  Danville State Hospital still has seven clients infected, along with 10 staff members.

There are no longer any cases at the Allenwood federal penitentiary campuses and there hasn’t been any cases lately at the Lewisburg federal penitentiary.

There were 84 new statewide deaths reported in  the last week.  There have been 44,898 statewide total deaths since the start of the pandemic. The Valley has three new deaths in the past week, all in Northumberland County, now with 537 deaths since the start of the pandemic . Snyder County remains with 158 deaths, Union County remains with 154 deaths, and Montour County has had 93 deaths.

In the latest vaccine data, statewide, there have been 19.5  million doses administered, along with 3,407,020 first booster doses and 359,684 second booster doses. The state also says Montour County has 81.6% of its 18 and older population fully vaccinated, Northumberland County has 60.3%, Union has 51.5%, and Snyder has 45.1%.

The CDC’s website says 7.9 million Pennsylvanians are fully vaccinated, and 78.3% of the 18 and older population is fully vaccinated.

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