Head of Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way is Moving On

SUNBURY – The head of the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way is about to make a career move, working for Cornell University in their social impact programs.

Joanne Troutman, who has been President and CEO of the regional agency for about six years, said she was proud to help grow the United Way, from a half-million dollar fundraising campaign, to over $2 million in revenue this year, “I came to create a sustainable organization; one that is relevant. One that is well respected.  It was that when I came and it’s even more so now. I just proud and I feel in my heart that the time is right.”

She says additionally, the board, task force members, staff and many volunteers have helped double and re-double their work in the community, raising funds, addressing unmet needs and working to effect positive, long term change.

Troutman says her great take-away from the agency is the relationships she and the United Way have developed; the 500 people volunteers who assist in the work, and watching the staff at United Way grow, and address many more urgent needs, “The United Way is all of the beautiful people involved and engaged in our work, especially our staff. And it’s been such a privilege to watch them grow and feel empowered to do their work in a really dedicated, loyal way, with passion.”

She says she’ll step down July 2, and will assist in the transition to a new leader. The GSVUW board will evaluate the agencies’ next step. She says as Cornell’s Director of Social Impact Programs for the University’s eCornell subsidiary she will be responsible for their online educational and philanthropic strategy in meeting critical needs for vulnerable populations all over the world.

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