Former US Congressman Barletta Brings Governor Campaign to Valley

SHAMOKIN – Former US Congressman Lou Barletta visited Brewster’s Sports Grill and Postage Plus this afternoon to talk about campaign promises he hopes to fulfill as Pennsylvania’s next governor.

Barletta talked to WKOK on the newsline about lowering business taxes and encouraging a return to manufacturing, as some of the ways he looks to bring jobs and businesses back to the area: “We’re going to help small business, because we want them to thrive. When they do well, people do well. People make more money and money gets spent back into the local economy. It helps everyone.”

Barletta’s plan to further stimulate our local economy is a focus on infrastructure repairs and the mining of coal, natural gas, and rare Earth minerals: “These are good-paying jobs, family-sustaining jobs, and when you’re building anything, people are making good money. That money goes back into the local economy, so it helps everyone. We’re going to build here, we’re going to put people back to work, and we’re going to use the natural resources that God gave us.”

Barletta will continue to campaign throughout Pennsylvania until the general election in November.


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