Smart Grocery Shopping Tip #1: Emphasize In-Season Produce

Buying In-Season Produce One of Many Wise Grocery Shopping Tips

MIFFLINBURG – Getting familiar with in-season produce can help you save a buck or two, especially in the midst of the pandemic. That’s one of many tips for wise grocery shopping from Penn State Extension.

Samantha Zlotorzynski of Extension Education, “This is going to help you save money right off the bat…shopping in summer, what’s in season…and then in the winter time, maybe going for your canned or frozen options as well to help you save a buck or two.”

Zlotorzynski also says don’t be afraid to turn to frozen or even canned fruits and vegetables, and make sure they’re plain, “They can be nutritious, and they can be almost fresher than certain items because they’re picked at harvest and then flash frozen, so they have contained all the high amounts of vitamins and minerals in them. So you want to choose products that say ‘no salt added,’ ‘no sugar added,’ ‘unsweetened,’ ‘packed in water,’ or ‘100% fruit juice.’”

Another good way to find out what’s in season…get to know your local farmers markets, “They also sell bread and different dairy products. But most of those fruits and vegetables that they’re going to be selling, they’re probably harvested within a few hours. So the benefits of buying such fresh produce at the market…you’re getting peak quality, you’re getting peak flavor, you’re getting high amounts of vitamins and minerals.”

Zlotorsynski says those who use WIC, SNAP or other state agencies for food assistance should contact their state agencies to see if farmers markets are covered. Penn State Extension has more

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