Former DA Buehner Updates Gricar Case, “Laptop is Key”

DANVILLE–  The Centre County D-A went missing almost 16 years ago and his friend and colleague says there have been some changes in the case.  Former Montour County District Attorney Bob Buehner says State Police are now in charge of the investigation of the April 2005 disappearance of Ray Gricar.  Buehner believes this was a not a crime of opportunity but a planned crime as Gricar’s work laptop was found in the Lewisburg area.  Buehner believes Gricar had the computer out of his office for a specific reason:  he was going to meet somebody.

“You certainly don’t take it on a quiet ride down Route 192 from Bellefonte to Lewisburg so why was that laptop with him that day?  That, to me, is the key to the case,” Buehner said.

Buehner blames the lack of solving this case due to little coordination by law enforcement officials and the fact that it was not taken up by then-Attorney General Tom Corbett, who was planning to run for governor.  Buehner hopes that the case is solved some day so Gricar’s loved ones can have closure in this mysterious disappearance.  You can hear the full interview with Buehner on “On the Mark” on WKOK’s podcast page.

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