Valley educator says reform is key, where needed, among police

Former Selinsgrove educator and adjunct faculty member at SU speaks out about protesting police

SELINSGROVE – Reform is key right now when it comes to police forces across the country and how they handle interactions with African-Americans. So says Harvey Edwards, former Selinsgrove educator and Tolerance Troupe Advisor, and now a Susquehanna University Teacher in Residence and adjunct faculty member.  He was a recent guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program talking about protests across the country regarding police brutality.


Edwards said, “I think that this is a watershed moment. I mean, progress has been made steadily over the years, but certainly not to the degree that would satisfy a whole entire country. I think that there are going to be some lasting changes this time.”


Harvey spoke about the need for reform, “There’s no doubt that there are good and bad people in all professions. We see this with clarity.  It happens with teachers, doctors, lawyers, and certainly police as well. So, we have to get to a point in this country where, if a police officer commits a crime, he should not be above the law.”


Harvey does believe the protests being held will lead to the needed reform people are seeking, “The job is to protect and serve, and so when that officer breaks the law, and shows himself or herself to be a bad cop, then action needs to be taken.  I think reform is the right place to begin…to look carefully at what are the procedures that police are using to subdue people. Things like that will make a big difference.


You can hear more from Harvey Edwards on this topic from WKOK’s On The Mark program on the WKOK podcast page.


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