33 COVID-19 inmate cases now at Northumberland County Prison

COAL TOWNSHIP – It is now 33 total positive COVID-19 cases that have been confirmed at the Northumberland County Prison. That’s according to county court administrator Kevin O’Hearn. This comes as county officials receive more test results after six inmates and two staff members tested positive earlier this week. There are no additional staff members that have tested positive. O’Hearn says those who tested positive have minor symptoms. He says the rest of the prison and staff are being tested and the county hopes to have those results by the end of the week.

O’Hearn also says close to 30 inmates have been released to reduce the inmate population to combat the spread of the virus, after talking with county probation officials. O’Hearn says the inmate population dropped from 220 to below 200, and the jail has a capacity of 284 inmates.

At this point, the prison is still processing inmates into the jail, but no inmates are being transported for court hearings – those are being conducted via video conferences.

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