Zartman Construction donates thousands of N95 masks


File photo of Tim Clark, and Dave Zartman

NORTHUMBERLAND – A normally very busy construction company in The Valley is donating to Geisinger, thousands of the coveted N95 masks. Zartman Construction, on Route 11 near Northumberland, saw an opportunity to give back, according to a spokespeople at Geisinger and Zartman’s.

Zartman’s vice president of operations Tim Clark said the masks are usually used in demolition work, and since they are at a standstill, they don’t need any of the masks at the moment. Geisinger said they have sufficient supplies for right now and they welcomed the donations from Zartman’s. Geisinger is preparing for many more patients with coronavirus symptoms.

Geisinger also said donations of N95 or dust masks, latex gloves and electric heaters for their outdoor tents are actually on a ‘community wish list.’  Anyone wishing to help is asked to call 1-800-739-6882.

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