Yaw says agriculture is very crucial to the state economy

LEWISBURG – State Senator Gene Yaw hosted his annual “Breakfast Meeting on Agriculture” in Lewisburg recently. The meeting is designed to listen to concerns and answer questions on how to improve agricultural conditions throughout our region.


Senator Yaw told WKOK that Agriculture is a huge part of the State’s economy, “18% of our gross product in Pennsylvania is based in agriculture. When you look at something that’s almost one-fifth of our economy, that’s huge.”


Yaw says career opportunities are abundant in the field of agriculture, “The opportunities in AG are virtually unlimited. You could be a biologist interested in AG. You could be a farmer. You could be a food processor, virtually any of those things. Hemp is a big deal, and all of this falls under farming.”


Approximately 130 people attended the event, from adults to students.  Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding was the featured speaker at the event. He says that Pennsylvania is leading the way in hemp farming by being the second state to file its “hemp plan” with the US Dept. of Agriculture, “We have 342 permits on 800 farms this year, so we see that hemp as an important opportunity and to reintroduce an old crop that’s critical to our nation’s development. We want to bring it back and take full advantage of that.”


Other topics covered at the event were a legislative update, the spotted lanternfly issue, farmland preservation programs, agritourism, the Chesapeake Bay, the PA Farm Bill and more.

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