Sunbury working on proposed vacant property law


SUNBURY— Sunbury city council members want more changes to the proposed vacant property registration ordinance. At Monday night’s work session, Councilman Chris Reis suggested three changes to the proposal, including rewarding owners with no violations by having them register only once, “I think we should be able to reward people that are taking care of their properties, that are paying their taxes, that are actively trying to sell their property, or rehab it, or whatever it is by not making them go through this process every year. I think that doing it once and then notifying us of any changes is plenty enough.”


Reis also suggested removing the provision requiring having emergency contact information on all properties. Another suggestion was giving owners the option of putting signs upon their properties indicating their property is for sale.


Council woman Beth Kremer believes there should be a meeting with property owners to discuss the proposed ordinance, “We have to work together, I’ll agree with that. But everybody has to listen and be willing to listen to somebody else’s opinion. And we do have to have a meeting with property owners to get their feedback, not just our feedback. So that’s how we have to work with this. It’s too quick. You have to spend time working it out.”


No official action was taken on the proposed ordinance at the city council meeting following the work session.

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