Smaller Wood-Mode company owner seeking lower property tax

KREAMER – Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry, which recently reopened after laying off nearly 1,000 workers this past summer, is now seeking a lower property tax. Owner Bill French tells us it is asking Snyder County to adjust its market values for real estate tax purposes. The Snyder County Tax Assessment Office tells us a hearing is scheduled for October 22. The tax office tells us all three Snyder County Commissioners and the board of assessment will hear the case, and an appraisal will be brought in as well. Wood-Mode would then have 30 days to respond to whatever decision is made.

The county tax office tells us Wood-Mode’s current county tax is over $37,000, while its regular municipal tax is just over $3,100. The county says Wood-Mode’s light and hydrant tax is just over $1,700, that’s money townships assess for light and fire hydrant costs. That makes the grand total of county tax money of over $162,000. Wood-Mode’s Midd-West School District tax is over $120,000.

French also tells WKOK Wood-Mode has now hired 240 employees since reopening.

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