Woman gets $3.2 million award in safe theft, conspiracy case

WILLIAMSPORT — A federal judge has upheld a $3.2 million award for a Northumberland County woman, who was able to prove her family, conspired against her. According to media reports, Donna Deitrick of Shamokin successfully argued her estranged husband and four others conspired in 2004 to remove a large safe and its contents worth millions from her marital home.


According to the News Item and Pennlive, U.S. Middle District Magistrate Judge William Arbuckle denied last week’s motions to either amend the judgment or conduct a new trial. That trial concluded September 25 with a jury awarding Deitrick the $3.2 million, including $1.6 million in punitive damages.


Defendants included Robert Yoncuski, Vanessa Long, Jeff and Marianne Adams and Thomas Yoncuski.  Pennlive reported Adams Yoncuski broke into the house, took the safe buried it on Adams’ farm in the Dornsife area.  Yoncuski spent six months in jail for contempt until he revealed its location.

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