Pennsylvania releases summer camp and recreation guidance

March 2020 File Photo provided by Gov. Wolf

HARRISBURG – As summer quickly approaches, Governor Tom Wolf has issued guidance on summer camps, child care and recreation.  Summer programs that provide child care and enrichment and recreational activities for children and youth are permitted to operate without a waiver in counties in the yellow and green phases of the Governor’s phased-in reopening plan provided they follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for Youth and Summer Camps and the CDC Supplemental Guidance for Child Care That Remain Open.

Summer programs include child care facilities regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the following part-day school age programs:

  • A part-day school-age program that operates for less than 90 consecutive days per calendar year from the date the program opens to the date the program closes;
  • A part-day school age program that operates 2 hours or less per day for 3 or fewer days per week;
  • A part-day school age program that has a single purpose for the children’s attendance and that purpose is the only focus of the program (e.g., soccer or art class); and
  • A drop-in program where a child or youth may come and go at will.

All staff should wear cloth face coverings during child care and summer program operations.  Public playgrounds may be used by child care providers and summer programs offered in counties in the yellow or green phase.

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