WKOK Sunrise, Monday, January 20, 2020 :

7:10am on the ongoing series ‘What does it mean to be an American?’

  • Alexander Riley, Professor of Sociology, Bucknell University

 The series: What does it mean to be American in 2019-20? Some look to 1776, some 1619 or 1620, 1787, 1863, 1941, 1964 or 1968, or to when their families arrived as immigrants. But what does it mean today?  The series examines questions that some see dividing the U.S. in a new “cold civil war” leading into the 2020 election: Is being American dependent on geography or soil? On class or race or sexuality or religion? On an idea? Or on something else? Is identity essential or relational? Come join a conversation with often controversial viewpoints, designed to help stimulate active intellectual reflection on ourselves. Reading groups will be scheduled the week before each event for discussing short writings by each speaker.

The event: Wed., Jan. 22: Prof. Jennifer Silva (Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs), Class, Politics, and American Identity in Flyover America. Prof. Silva will explore that focus based on research partly from her new book (We’re Still Here: Pain and Politics in the Heart of America, Oxford 2019), which examines transformations in rural and working-class American communities. 7 p.m. LC Forum.

7:40am: On the upcoming series ‘Loneliness and the Four Loves.

  • Alfred Kentigern Siewers, Associate Professor of English, Bucknell University, faculty adviser to the Bucknell Orthodox Campus Fellowship and Subdeacon of St. John’s Orthodox mission in Lewisburg.
  • Kelsi Chuprinski, Assistant Catholic Campus Minister, Bucknell University

The program: The Bucknell Faculty Staff Christian Association, Bucknell Catholic Campus Ministry, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and Bucknell Orthodox Christian Fellowship have joined together to sponsor this series of conversations on “Loneliness and the Four Loves” on campus. They will coincide with the lead-up to Valentine’s Day and be a kind of alternative to the university Sex Positive Week. They were designed to address the problem of loneliness which is an especially acute problem among many young people today. They say: Loneliness is epidemic in our culture today. Come join a new reading group to explore how to heal it by developing loving relationships, following the approach of C.S. Lewis in his classic short book, The Four Loves, which focuses on the unity yet distinctness of affection, friendship, eros, and charity or agape. From a Christian perspective, Lewis draws on Classical philosophical understandings of the four loves, combined with biblical insights, in a way that can be helpful to people of all faith or no-faith backgrounds.

The events: A series of four lunchtime discussions will start Thurs. Jan. 23 at the coffee lounge of the Humanities Center (Room 109), with pizza and sodas provided. All are welcome and it’s ok to come for conversation even if you haven’t done the readings or can’t make it to all the discussions, which will be facilitated by Kelsi Chuprinski, Assistant Catholic Campus Minister, and Prof. Alf Siewers, faculty adviser to the Bucknell Orthodox Campus Fellowship and Subdeacon of St. John’s Orthodox mission in Lewisburg. For free copies of the book, please email [email protected] or [email protected] Future sessions (each covering a chapter of the book and overlapping with Valentine’s Day season and Sex Week) will be on Jan. 30 in the multicultural seminar room on the lower level of the ELC (on the opposite side from the Bison), Thurs. Feb. 6 and Thurs. Feb. 20 at noon in the Coffee Lounge (Room 109) of the Humanities Center, and Thurs. Feb. 27 at Noon in the multicultural seminar room on the lower level of the ELC.

On The Mark with co-host Joe McGranaghan:

8:30am to 10:00am: Open phones. Impeachment, trade deals, cooped up bears, Saturday’s snowmagedeon, and Joe’s numismatism.

Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation

Movie Mike McGranaghan, professional movie critic, author and ‘women in cinema’ advocate, with this review of ‘Creed II,’ and he’ll have words about new movies, including the upcoming movie ‘Vice.’  Kevin Hart won’t host the Oscars, a new movie centering around Prince’ music is in development, Anne Hathaway to possibly star in Sesame Street movie, and other topics.

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Beth Stark, Lifestyle Initiative Manager, Registered Dietitian, Weis Markets, and Erin Dunleavy and Kathryn Long, Healthy Living Coordinators, Registered Dietitians, Weis Markets, on the FAQ’s of the dietitian world: They put together a list of the most common customer questions from 2018 and we will share these questions and their answers.  Everything from eating the colorful fruits to Keto, to diabetes to allergies, or the Mediterranean Diet, they’ve heard it all.

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Samantha Pearson, Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation Elm Street Manager, and Walk it! Bike it! Coordinator, with the latest news on transportation and pedestrian issues, news about Walk it! Bike it! and many other safety and community issues.

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