Sunrise: What’s new with “Walk It, Bike It” Lewisburg

SUNBURY – Why walk to school? Exercise, fresh air, socializing with walkers, and get to know your community.  Samantha Pearson, Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation Elm Street Manager, and Meg Martin, a Walk It, Bike It committee member, were on WKOK’s Sunrise program recently talking about “Walk It, Bike It” and some of the events that were coming up.

Coming up this Wednesday, October 10th is National Walk to School Day. Martin talks about the importance of such an event, “I think it’s important that kids have the ability to walk to school. It’s healthy, it brings them together, and they talk to their friends.”

Samantha Pearson explains why the Lewisburg schools are not officially participating in the National Walk to School Day, but they try to do a modified version, “Some of the schools really just aren’t walkable.  So, I do want to emphasize that we’re promoting this only for people for whom that’s possible. This event does try to call attention to the fact that there are things that ought to be improved, but not at the expense of kids.”

Another big fundraising event that’s been talked about for a year now, “UnPAved,” which is said to be a very challenging ride, “You can ride up to 120 miles on gravel, basically starting on the rail trail and heading off into the hills. The 120 mile ride has 10,000 ft of elevation change…yes…10,000.”

To find out more about these and many other “Walk It, Bike It” events, please visit, and to hear more of our conversation with Samantha Pearson and Meg Martin, go to

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