What you need to know to have a successful Deer Season

SUNBURY – With deer hunting season nearly upon us, Dirk Remensnyder, PA Game Commission Game Warden, was on WKOK Sunrise recently discussing all that you need to know about the upcoming deer season.


Remensnyder says they’ve seen areas where deer have been more abundant, “One thing that we’ve identified on our agency website are some deer hunter focus areas that are on game lands and state lands. A lot of it coexists with the deer management assistance program where it’s been identified that elevated deer numbers in those areas based on how they were browsing some of recent cuts that were done. Some of the hunters that we’ve talked to in those areas have had some good luck.”


Remensnyder says that there aren’t any real rule changes this season with the exception of the bear season overlapping with the deer season, “I don’t think there’s been a day that I’ve been here that we didn’t have some kind of bear complaint come through. Seems like the bear numbers in this area are high and a lot of land owners and home owners will be glad when that season opens up if there are a few less destructive bears around causing problems for them.”


The bear season started November 17.  To hear the entire conversation with Dirk Remensnyder about the hunting season and more, go to the WKOK Sunrise archive page at WKOK.com.



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