LSC: Movement happening, state lawmaker optimistic about radar bill

SHAMOKIN DAM – It looks like there could be some long-awaited movement in Harrisburg on legislation allowing local police to use radar for speed enforcement. Last week, the state Senate Transportation Committee approved a bill that would give municipal police the ability to use radar.

State Representative Lynda Schelgel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) is a member of the state House Transportation Committee. During Friday’s Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee meeting, Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) says she’s optimistic the bill can at least get to the house floor.

“If I had to place a bet, will it get out of committee or not?  I think it would get out of committee, but because it hasn’t been on the floor yet, I can’t tell how it will play out on the entire house. But overall, I think we’re getting pretty positive comments,” she said.

Culver says there will still be some restrictions with local police using radar, but it will still positively affect public safety, “Radar can’t be used everywhere and it’s not effective everywhere. There are parameter of when you can use it and how you can use it. You definitely have to be trained. It’s just another measure to keep the driving public safe.”

The bill also includes a revenue cap on the amount of money a municipality could keep from speeding tickets. Currently, Pennsylvania is the only state that does not allow local police to use radar for monitoring traffic speed.

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