Sunday Update: Water main break repaired, cloud water clearing

UPDATE 8 P.M. SUNDAY: Sunbury Municipal Authority Department Manager Scott Debo tells us the water main break on Reagan Street has been repaired and water is fully restored. All of Reagan Street is now open. Debo says crews finished around 5 p.m. He says a cause is still undetermined. Individuals with cloudy water should see clearing water soon.

UPDATE 6:30AM SUNDAY: A contractor remains on the scene of a water main break in Sunbury which has impacted many people.  Work is still underway  at this time.

Saturday,  a half dozen customers lost water but many more had low water pressure or cloudy water. Repairs are expected to be completed today.  Check back for more updates later.


SUNBURY – A water main break has been reported in Sunbury. The city’s Municipal Authority says it occurred at Fourth and Reagan Streets Saturday afternoon. Reagan Street is closed between Third and Fourth Street. Municipal Authority Department Manager Scott Debo tells us a contractor arrived at the scene at 6 p.m. Saturday to install a line stop and shut off the main line.

Debo says five houses are and will only be affected. Those affected will not have water after about 8 p.m. and will be without water for at least a few hours. Water will be provided to those affected if needed. A cause for the break has yet to be determined. Crews are still on the scene at Fourth and Reagan Streets this morning.


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