Vinny Clausi may run again, incumbents considering running


SUNBURY – A former Northumberland County Commissioner could be running again for office. Former county Commissioner Vinny Clausi tells WKOK he will not disclose his decision to run again until at least September. This comes after a rumor had floated around the county Clausi was running again.


Commissioner Chairman Rick Shoch says he too is considering seeking reelection and most likely be the case. He says there’s a lot being worked on and if he gets to the end of the year and things still need to be done, he’ll run again. Shoch also noted the county has been doing a lot of things to end “some of the abuses that were happening before.” He also noted the county has had a credit rating in the “A” range since taking over.


Kymberley Best said she too is is still in the process of deciding to run again. Best says she plans to reach a decision by the end of the summer. She says she’s considering her family, her two businesses and the field of competitors for the office.


Commissioner Sam Schiccatano on a possible re-election run said he wants to see how the rest of the year goes. He says if he feels like he’s doing something for the county, he’ll run.

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