Valley United Way and partners holding 1st Diaper Drive in May

SUNBURY – Some Valley families are struggling to buy diapers for their young children, and now they will be getting some help, thanks to the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way and its Local Vision group. They are holding their first annual Diaper Drive May 6-20.


Lois Passi, is the Valley United Way’s Local Vision Chair. She says the organization discovered this shortage about a year ago through anecdotes from caseworkers, “When we started to look around where the diaper pantries where, we found they were few and far in between. So we made it our business to assemble people in the community who are interested in this issue.”


Passi says some families even got to a point where they kept the same diaper on their child all day. She says there will be various locations to drop off packs of diapers, “Each of the groups have identified businesses, churches, that would be willing to host a big blue barrel. There will be a big sign on it. People can purchase packs of diapers and just drop them in the blue barrels.”


Passi also says the United Way also received a $10,000 grant from Evangelical Community Hospital to help with the cause. Find out more on the WKOK Podcast page or visit WKOK on Google Play or Apple Podcasts and subscribe.

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