Valley resident shares experience visiting Bush casket at U.S. Capitol

Valley resident visits Bush casket at U.S. Capitol


SUNBURY – A Valley resident made the trip to Washington D.C. to pay her respects to former President George H.W. Bush. Fran Zartman of Sunbury says she visited the U.S. Capitol this week to take part in the public viewing for the 41st president.


Zartman says she waited two and a half hours in line, “It was cold and everyone was bundled up, you’re in line, and I met some wonderful people from New Orleans, Oregon, some people from Minnesota. People just came from everywhere because at some level, George Bush impacted their lives.”


Zartman says despite there being a heavy security presence, everyone in attendance was given time to spend in front of Bush’s casket, “You were allowed to dwell, and you could just be present. There were five people from every segment of the Armed Forces. The flag-draped casket, some flowers, there was wreaths with a banner through them for a fallen solider. It was very, very beautiful.”


This is the second time Zartman has traveled to Washington to pay tribute to a former president lying in state. She says she went to Washington during the public viewing of former president Ronald Reagan in 2004.

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