Valley fire departments receive big grant funding for equipment upgrades

HERNDON – Four fire companies in lower Northumberland County have received a big grant for equipment upgrades. Herndon, Lower Mahanoy, Hickory Corners, and Lower Augusta Fire Departments received over $266,000 in federal funding. Ron Hinkley, Deputy Chief for Herndon Fire Company says the money comes through a regional funding called the Assistance for Firefighters Grants.


The money will allow each fire department to purchase and replace 35 SCBA air packs and 70 air cylinders.  They’ll also soon have tracking capabilities which will help them monitor the whereabouts of a fire fighter, and find the person if they need to be located during an incident.


Deputy Chief Hinkley tells us the four companies applied together early last year and the money was received last month. He says each fire company will put in about $5,000 or less for those upgrades as well.

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