UPDATE: Traffic back-ups in Northumberland, Sunbury improving

UPDATE: PennDOT’s Mindy Foresman says UGI crews are off the King and Water and are waiting for traffic to clear up. She says crews will then return to the road to pick up plates along King Street and work will then be completed. There are still delays on Route 11 south coming into Northumberland. Traffic continues to be backed up over the island and into Sunbury as well.

Utility work is causing major backups in Northumberland and Sunbury Friday morning. PennDOT’s Mindy Foresman tells us UGI is working, relocating gas lines at King and Water Streets in Northumberland. She tells us crews are also trying to remove plates on Water Street due to inclement weather moving into the region today and next week.

Traffic is backed up on Route 11 south coming into Northumberland. Traffic is also backed up from the Priestly Bridge heading into Northumberland all the way down Front Street in Sunbury towards the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Our traffic maps indicate about 35-minute delays heading into Northumberland from Sunbury.

There’s also traffic back-ups on Fourth Street and Shikellamy Avenue in Sunbury.

We’ll have the latest updates as soon as they are available.

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